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ALNABDA ALRQAMYA Telecom & Technology Company was established in 2013, providing internet services and after aiming to be one of the largest ISP , (Internet Services Provider) in Libyan .Technology has become a major part of our lifestyle and our business operations so that for the current market situation ,we at ALNABDA CO have decided to enter the world of the ASP (Active Service Provider) and we were able-over the years-to achieve significant growth, to became one of the most competent companies in this field.

our universe has a professional team of high skills, and a broad base of subscribers. We are passionate about the latest and most cutting edge technologies, as well as supporting our customers and meeting their needs by adopting the most suitable solution that meets and fits their business requirements, from our main office in Tripoli, Libya, and our branches are in several cities of ALJABAL ALGHARBI, GHORYAN and ZINTAN.


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ALNABDA owns well-equipped and specialized teams in the field of installing and maintaining mobile phone networks, which include:
 – Field survey and planning required to
    implement sites and prepare reports.
 – Installing radio and messaging equipment.
  – The necessary maintenance work for  the
   equipment and the ability to understand
   and address problems in the network.


Internet Service Provider

We Provide Internet For Both:

Home users
Provide an Internet Service for home user packages from 2Mbps to 12 Mbps and unlimited package.
Provide an Internet Service for Business Individuals and companies dedicated/Shared up to 50 Mbps for wireless, and up to 100Mbps for fiber optic.

civil work

ALNABDA has civil engineers with high skills and experience, to provide civil works services to telecommunications companies, including:

– Surveying works.
– Site Preparation.
– Excavations and soil tests d.Installations works.
– Ground network works.
– Tower foundation and construction.
– Maintaining the tower structure, foundation and installation.



 We Providing high quality communication services through design and selection of appropriate equipment, and trained teams who are specialized in these fields

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